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​The use of saffron is well known in the kitchen for coloring and flavoring dishes. Nevertheless, saffron is much less known for its medicinal qualities. Our main goal is to make known the benefits of this flower and to convince people to change their state of mind, their life by consuming the nectar of this plant daily. We present below in a few lines the benefits of our saffron for your health.

The qualities previously attributed to him are still recognized today. Thus it is commonly used throughout the world for its digestive virtues, but also diuretic, hypotensive or antispasmodic.

It is also particularly appreciated for improving circulation, calming abdominal pain or preventing pulmonary embolism, with a recognized global beneficial action on the respiratory system.

But there is more: this rare spice is also haemostatic and vulnerable (cures sores and wounds), antiallergic, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating. Its preventive effects against Alzheimer’s and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are also being studied, with encouraging prospects.

Finally, saffron is good for morale! Thus, it is attributed a positive effect on depressive syndrome. Moreover, a study recently highlighted that a cure of saffron acts clearly as antidepressant and has as consequence to approach the problems of every day with more serenity.

The virtues of saffron on the genital system have been recognized by medicine

Thus, it stimulates libido in both men and women, which is why it is sometimes preferable to common antidepressants whose use can cause a decrease in desire in both sexes. Paradoxically, it also has a reputation for facilitating design.

It is still recognized to be an excellent menstrual regulator and stands for this title of analgesic and sedative. Finally, a recent study shows that it relieves postpartum pain better than the mefenamic acid, commonly used for this purpose.

Recently, a large number of studies have focused on the anti-cancer powers of saffron. The antioxidant virtues of saffron could explain part of this preventive action against cancer. But it would seem that its action is more extensive and more profound.

It would act for example at different levels against gastric, colorectal, breast, prostate, ovarian, pancreatic, liver, lung or skin cancer (against which Alfred Velpeau, the surgeon of the nineteenth Century inventor of the band of the same name). Saffron would also offer protective properties against chemotherapy.

A few stamens a day are enough!

Saffron is a medicinal spice that contains several compounds of carotenoids that have powerful anti-depressant, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties. It is also a good source of minerals and vitamins that help to control blood pressure, regulate heart rate, stress related repair damage, support the production of healthy blood cells, strengthen the immune system and prevent infections.

Saffron has also been known to relieve depression and mental stagnation and bring joy back to the senses. Saffron has the ability to soothe the digestive system and be a natural digestive aid in the assembly. Saffron extracts (in the form of supplement) has also been used as appetite suppressant and weight loss appetite supplement.

Saffron is known to provide important cognitive benefits in helping to promote mental concentration, memory retention and recall ability. It is also beneficial for eyesight and can specifically help in preventing and repairing cataracts. Only a pinch is necessary for effcient results. Consider adding a little saffron to your kitchen to add not only a beautiful color and a wonderful flavor and aroma, but several health benefits as well.