About us

We are a craft company, located between Timişoara and Reşiţa, Romania, whose activity started in 2013 with the planting of 20,000 bulbs of Crocus sativus. Today, about 50,000 bulbs are spread over three saffron trees. These bulbs are of French origin. We offer our product for sale since the year 2016.

Passionate about horticulture, it is only natural that I turned to the production and marketing of saffron. Our production methods, totally respectful of nature and the environment allow us to offer you a natural product of exceptional quality. The vast majority of the work is done by hand (planting, weeding, picking, pruning, drying, conditioning, bulb removal, sorting etc …), the price of saffron is that of human labor!

The plots chosen for production have always been worked according to the “agro sylvo pastoral” method (an agriculture method that reconciles trees, crop production and livestock production), without chemical fertilizers, weedkillers or pesticides. Living and healthy, an environment preserved, for the cultivation of an exceptional plant…